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As the driving force behind Shop Fitters Melbourne, Phil continues to lead his team with passion and professionalism, ensuring every project exceeds expectations and leaves a lasting impression.

Collaborations and Leadership

Throughout his career, Phil has worked with distinguished companies, including his significant tenure at Schiavello, from 1990-2002,  where he excelled as a leading hand. Here, he adeptly managed projects and fostered strong client relationships, refining his skills in communication and leadership.

He joined Melbourne Constructions in 2004, contributing to shaping the city’s landscape through his expertise in craftsmanship and project management, leaving a lasting impact on various construction projects and solidifying his reputation as a skilled professional in the industry.

Qualifications and Expertise

Phil is a qualified carpenter with a coveted Commercial Builder Licence (CBL), specialising in structural construction. This accreditation is not easily obtained, underscoring Phil’s dedication and proficiency in handling complex tasks such as structural beams, glazing, steelwork, and mezzanines. His qualification sets him apart as a trusted professional capable of delivering high-quality results in structural construction projects.

Notable Projects

Phil Petrone has showcased his expertise in several notable projects, leaving an indelible mark on each. From contributing to the allure of Eagles Arthurs Seat and refining the atmosphere of the Queen Victoria Center to enhancing the sophistication of the Tag Heuer Collins Street Boutique and upscale establishments such as Bang and Olufsen, Phil’s dedication to excellence is evident. 

Phil’s expertise shines through in his work on the Foyer Level 70 Starburst of Australia 108, a testament to his ability to elevate spaces with innovative design. He also showcased flawless execution on high roller rooms of the Mahogany Room at the Crown Casino, where his craftsmanship enhances aesthetics and functionality. 

Additionally, Phil’s touch has elevated the dining experience at the Long Chin Thai Restaurant, showcasing his commitment to creating inviting spaces that resonate with visitors.

Continuing Legacy

Phil’s unwavering commitment to excellence and meticulous attention to detail set him apart within the industry. His dedication to delivering exceptional results has earned him respect and admiration among peers and clients.

With a wealth of firsthand experience and a passion for his craft, Phil continues to shape the landscape of shop-fitting construction in Melbourne with the help of his team at  Shop Fitters Melbourne, leaving an enduring legacy of excellence wherever his expertise is applied.

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