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Your workplace has the power to affect your company. Our professional Coburg office renovators will help you realize that potential by creating an atmosphere that represents your aims and beliefs.


Shop Fitters Melbourne is the sister company of Melbourne Constructions, who have been successfully operating since 2004


VBA Commercial Building license holder with 20 million dollars public liability insurance


Over 30 years experience brings a level of expertise in commercial shop fitting that is hard to match


First impressions are important, and your office is frequently the first point of contact for potential clients and partners. A well-revamped workplace makes a good first impression by expressing expertise, credibility, and attention to detail. It lays the groundwork for fruitful commercial connections.

An office refurbish allows you to incorporate energy-efficient features and environmental practices. Upgrades to energy-efficient lighting, sophisticated temperature control systems, and eco-friendly materials not only lower utility bills but also reflect your dedication to environmental responsibility.

SFM offers high-quality shop fitting services throughout Melbourne, including Coburg. Interior alterations, facelifts, plumbing, electricity, and complete turnkey shopfitting are all available for all our services like retail fit outs, office fit outs, cafe fit outs, and commercial kitchen fit outs.

“We treat every job as if it were our own shop, if it isn’t good enough for me, it’s not good enough for our customers”
Phil (Director SFM)

COBURG, 3058

Coburg, a thriving Melbourne suburb, provides an excellent chance for company owners wishing to sell their products or services. Coburg is a crucial location for commercial initiatives due to its diversified community, great transportation links, and growing local economy. This suburb is noted for its lively retail districts, diverse food options, and a rich tapestry of local enterprises.

SFM, the office fit out professionals, will take care of your concerns. We would love to collaborate with you to create a fantastic office space that meets your needs and surpasses your expectations. We regard communication as critical to project success and keep our clients informed at all stages. We ensure that any issues or complaints will be addressed as soon as possible. We will solicit your input at every stage of the design and building process and keep you updated on the project’s progress.

We offer layout services to maximize the space and provide a consistent brand experience whether it’s a shop, restaurant, or service-based business. Coburg’s dynamic atmosphere, cultural variety, and strategic position make it an appealing area for businesspeople to advertise their initiatives, while shop fitters help these firms optimize and succeed.

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