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Reimagine Your Workplace. Don’t let an out-of-date workplace layout hold you back. Our hassle-free office refurbishment services in Preston will smoothly modernize your area. We’ll handle every aspect from start to finish, guaranteeing little disturbance to your business operations.


Shop Fitters Melbourne is the sister company of Melbourne Constructions, who have been successfully operating since 2004


VBA Commercial Building license holder with 20 million dollars public liability insurance


Over 30 years experience brings a level of expertise in commercial shop fitting that is hard to match


An office renovation or office fit-out is an excellent chance to incorporate energy-efficient features and sustainable practices. Upgrades to energy-efficient lighting, sophisticated temperature control systems, and eco-friendly materials lower utility bills and reflect your dedication to environmental responsibility.

In the modern workplace, safety and accessibility are critical. Businesses may address possible safety concerns, upgrade infrastructure, and maintain compliance with building standards and laws during an office remodel. Additionally, enhancements that increase accessibility for workers and visitors with disabilities might be included in renovations.

SFM’s office fit out experts have over 30 years of experience in Melbourne office fit out services. With our knowledge, we can assist you in developing a workspace that maximizes the potential of your company and distinguishes it from rivals. Our office fit out services in Preston can boost your company’s efficiency, create a more favorable brand image, and increase employee happiness.

“We treat every job as if it were our own shop, if it isn’t good enough for me, it’s not good enough for our customers”
Phil (Director SFM)


Preston, located in Melbourne’s northern suburbs, provides an ideal chance for entrepreneurs wishing to sell their products or services. This diversified and active neighbourhood has a population of over 35,000 people. It has grown significantly in recent years, making it an appealing destination for enterprises of all sizes. Preston, with its mix of residential and business areas, has a thriving shopping environment, lively markets, and a variety of food options.

Preston is well-connected by public transit, including tram and rail services, making it simple for residents and tourists to get around. At Shop Fitters Melbourne, we help enhance Preston businesses by establishing appealing and practical environments that improve the entire customer experience.

By working with Shop Fitters Melbourne in Preston, businessmen can turn their stores or offices into engaging and aesthetically appealing workplaces that attract consumers and fuel business success. Whether it’s a boutique, restaurant, or office space, we can optimize the layout, improve space use, and add branding components to create an engaging and memorable experience for consumers.

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