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Shop Fitters Melbourne provides stress-free and efficient commercial kitchen fit out solutions to different sizes of industries across Melbourne.

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Shop Fitters Melbourne is the sister company of Melbourne Constructions, who have been successfully operating since 2004


VBA Commercial Building license holder with 20 million dollars public liability insurance


Over 30 years experience brings a level of expertise in commercial shop fitting that is hard to match


We have more than 30 years of expertise in creating and organizing tailored commercial kitchens, making us capable of handling any project. Our proficiency lies in understanding the complex aspects of the job. We can select the best catering equipment for your kitchen to improve your efficiency and productivity by understanding the specific food type you cook and store, your staff, floor space, and specialty requirements.

SFM has provided full commercial kitchen installations to major restaurants, hotels, and other hospitality businesses, contributing to their success. We recognize how important it is for you and your team to work in an environment that stimulates creativity. Our professionals specializing in designing and installing commercial kitchen fit outs will work closely with you to develop the ideal kitchen for your needs. Our expert shopfitters can support you from beginning to end, whether you are launching a new business or remodeling an existing kitchen.

“We treat every job as if it were our own shop, if it isn’t good enough for me, it’s not good enough for our customers”
Phil (Director SFM)


  • Turnkey shopfitting
  • In-house consultancy and draftsman 
  • Design
  • Shopfronts and shopfront modifications
  • Canopies, ductwork and commercial range hoods
  • Graphic design and graphic install
  • Cabinets, show cabinets, display units, counters
  • All flooring types and structural flooring
  • Shop fittings & fixtures
  • Office partitioning
  • Project management
  • Materials 
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Pantry Kitchen Fit Outs - Shop Fitters Melbourne

A commercial kitchen set out is required for any business that prepares and serves food. It guarantees that your kitchen is designed to satisfy certain health and safety laws, is efficient and functional, and is outfitted with high-volume cooking equipment.

The length of time it takes to fit out a commercial kitchen will vary depending on the scale of the project, the size of the kitchen, and other considerations. Most commercial kitchen fit outs, on the other hand, might take several weeks or even months to complete.

Installation of specialized equipment and appliances, such as ovens, stoves, grills, refrigerators, and freezers, as well as fixtures such as plumbing, ventilation, and lighting, is characteristic of a commercial kitchen fit out.

Not having a clear understanding of your needs and requirements, failing to account for adequate ventilation and exhaust, selecting equipment that is not suitable for high-volume cooking, and failing to obtain the necessary permits and approvals are all common mistakes to avoid during a commercial kitchen fit out.

To get the best commercial kitchen fit out service, seek for a firm with a good reputation and expertise designing and constructing commercial kitchens. Look for a firm that provides a variety of services, from design and installation to continuing maintenance and support, and that has a track record of successful projects and delighted clients.

Depending on the extent of the project and the availability of other facilities, you may be able to continue using your commercial kitchen during the fit out process. However, some inconvenience and downtime may occur during the installation and construction periods, so plan appropriately.


If you’re looking to enhance efficiency and productivity, boost your profits, and save money by investing in top-quality equipment while also impressing your customers with exceptional products and quick service, increasing your turnover and customer retention rates, and building brand awareness, commercial kitchen fit outs is perfect for you! With our extensive design, construction, and installation expertise, we can collaborate with you to create a customized design that meets your needs.

Our shop fitting service covers the installation of high-quality kitchen appliances, refrigeration systems, kitchen cabinets, ventilation systems, plumbing systems, flooring, lighting systems, and storage options. We are dedicated to providing a long-lasting and cost-effective solution, and we only partner with recognized suppliers to ensure that the tools and materials we use are of the greatest quality.

Are you thinking of getting a new kitchen? Or are you looking to renovate an existing space? Whatever your reasons and needs are for your commercial fit outs to your kitchen construction or renovation project, we are ready to work with you to understand your requirements and build the best design for you. Talk to our best shop fitting team now and just worry about creating those amazing dishes for your customers because we’ll make your dream kitchen fit outs to reality!

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