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Shop Fitters Melbourne, shop fit outs for a range of businesses. SFM has over 30 years experience and a portfolio of amazing shop fit outs, shop front fitouts and re builds

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Shop Fitters Melbourne is the sister company of Melbourne Constructions, who have been successfully operating since 2004


VBA Commercial Building license holder with 20 million dollars public liability insurance


Over 30 years experience brings a level of expertise in commercial shop fitting that is hard to match


Welcome, it’s your lucky day if you happen to be looking for  a shop fitting company in Melbourne. Shop Fitters Melbourne provides design to handover shop fit out services, with in house designers, project managers and access to all trades required for the fit out. 

Our attention to detail, pride in our work and portfolio of high difficulty fit outs proves our level of expertise, many of our projects have included fully custom solutions to architects drawings and concepts. At SFM, we are experts in bringing these concepts to life, what starts as an idea, then an architects drawing becomes a reality. 

shop fit out in Melbourne, Melbournes best shop fit out company


Our team have been successfully operating since 2004, in all aspects of commercial building works, with a solid reputation and many years of successful projects with happy clients, we know how to get a project done on time and how to meet our customer’s expectations. We get the job done, so you can display your brand and products asap.


Shopfitting is the term used to describe a variety of services offered by a professional fitout specialist to clients in the retail, commercial, workplace, hotel, and health sectors to design, manufacture, and install fitouts and renovations.


Depending on the size of the business, the quantity of fixtures and renovations needed, and the fitout construction plan, Melbourne shopfitting costs can vary substantially. The breadth of the work and the site’s commercial requirements will both affect how long the shopfitting project takes.

“We treat every job as if it were our own shop, if it isn’t good enough for me, it’s not good enough for our customers”
Phil (Director SFM)


Why leave anything to chance? Our start to finish process helps us work to a plan, making our outcomes predictable and helps our clients know exactly what is happening when, allowing them to plan for the business to open or reopen. As business owners ourselves, we understand that communication is key and planning is super important. You will be issued with a construction program that outlines timelines and significant stages in the build, so you can plan on operating your business as soon as possible. 



At this stage we get to know you, your business and what you are after in a design. Gathering information such as: customer requirements, functionality requirements, design and feel, potential materials and timelines required for the project.




Taking a deeper look at the existing building or shop, shop front or new premises, so we can measure up and start to build the concept.  




A consultative design process, we provide our clients with a conceptual design and have open discussions about the design before we finalise a design.




Taking into consideration all of our consultations and site visits, we are then ready to create the designs and have them submitted to you, the client for approval.




You will be issued a construction program, once the contract is signed, this will include, timelines, handover date and any significant stages in the build.




We are set to go, works begin.



  • Turnkey shopfitting
  • In-house consultancy and draftsman 
  • Design
  • Shopfronts and shopfront modifications
  • Canopies, ductwork and commercial range hoods
  • Graphic design and graphic install
  • Cabinets, show cabinets, display units, counters
  • All flooring types and structural flooring
  • Shop fittings & fixtures
  • Office partitioning
  • Project management
  • Materials 
shop fit out in Melbourne, Melbournes best shop fit out company
shop fit out in Melbourne, Melbournes best shop fit out company


  • Doors and shutters
  • Glazing
  • Carpentry
  • Plastering
  • Plumbing
  • Electrical
  • Sprinkler Fitting
  • Masonry
  • Welding
  • Metal works
  • Painting
  • Carpet 
  • Flooring
  • Concreting
  • Roofing
  • Engineering
shop fit out in Melbourne, Melbournes best shop fit out company

The process of creating and installing retail furniture and equipment. Shop fitters re design and build shop fronts and inside shops and stores. A shop fitter has carpentry skills as well as things like cabinet making and design.

The following are a shopfitting joiner's primary responsibilities: helping with renovation preparation, such as removing old fixtures and furnishings. putting in fixtures and equipment. Installing shelving, door surrounds, skirting boards, cabinets, doors, removing old carpentry work, creating new spaces, building shop counters and just about anything to do with building or redesigning and constructing a shop.

How long is a piece of string? Well, the answer is, it depends on the size and scale of the projects, a small beauty salon fit out may take 6-12 weeks whereas a larger office fitout can take 6 months, it really depends on the scale and difficulty of the project. One thing is sure, the more experienced the shop fit out company, the smoother the ride for the customer, and usually the better the finish and design on the project. 

A soft fit out, also known as a furniture fit out, usually costs between $300 and $1,500 per square metre. Depending on the complexity and calibre of finishing, a hard fit out will cost between $800 and $5000 per square metre. Yet, the price per square metre for some projects might reach $10,000 or more, it really depends on the quality of materials, the difficulty of the space, the demolition requirements etc. Best to speak with one of our team to get an idea on shop fit out cost in Melbourne. Speaking with a member of our team will provide key insights that are based specifically on your project. 

 In a shop fit out you can expect things like the racks, counter, special features, the shelving, entrance, flooring, signage, the windows, and the overall shop design and layout are all part of the shop fit-out concept. At Shop Fitters Melbourne, we supply our customers with exactly what they want, so all types of additions can be included in the overall shop fitout. This differs from job to job and is all part of the original consultative design discussion. Every shop fit out is different and has different requirements. We always submit designs before the shop fit out is undertaken, everything is agreed upon. 

Absolutely is the answer. If you view some our works, you we see a range of custom made features throughout our works. We consider ourselves to be one of the most creative shop fitting companies in Australia, having created incredible looking features that are unique, made from unique materials, eye catching and fully custom.

Over 30 years, through our sister company Melbourne Constructions. 

The fitout of a retail store. The process of remodelling a store to make it usable by its staff and customers is referred to as retail fit out. This can entail making a variety of changes to the concerned retail unit's appearance and interior.


If you’re in Melbourne and in need of shop fitters, you’re  in luck! SFM services all over Melbourne. We are one of very few shop fit out companies that have a portfolio of stunning designs that goes back over 30 years. That is what we bring to the table, expertise and experience, so you can rely on us to build you a shop front that will last. 

Be it glass cabinets, counter design, interior store design and construct, a renovation or a full shop front, we have you covered. Using a range of materials, furniture, cabinetry and fittings such as glass, wood, metal, concrete, steel, display cabinets, counters, desks, serving windows, custom built features, benches and more, we will create a dream that is in line with your brand. How do you want your customers to feel when they enter your store? How do you want to represent your business? How do you want your employees to feel? The interior and exterior of the shop is simply a critical space, that should be well thought out, even down to the colours and how they can effect a customers mood. 

We also cover all aspects of commercial shop fitting and office fit outs. We include all electrical, plumbing, carpentry and any required trades in our quotes for your shop fit out project, from installing a rack to building scaffolding required to paint a wall. You can rest easy knowing SFM has you and your store in mind, at the end of the day, our reputation is built with our hands, we treat every job as if it were our own.

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